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To become a “reliable, efficient, quality oriented” brand that develops technologies, products, systems and applications for providing tailor-made optimum solutions in the field of fluid transportation.


To become “the brand with the highest market value” in the field of fluid transportation.

A message from the founder of the company;

Mir Holding was founded 35 years ago. The philosophy of the newly founded company was based on R&D (research-development) activities. Our first R&D development output was in the field of pipes. As a result of this process, Dizayn Group was born. Our first industrial company, Dizayn Group now produces pipes for several sectors with diameters ranging from 20 mm to 8m, and pressure values from 0.5 Bar to 200 Bar.

The company has factories in Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.

Established in 2014, Deutsche Bogenn GMBH is the company with a capacity of 60.000 tons annual capacity. Chancellor Frau Dr. Merkel attended opening ceremony of the plant. Our company, Deutsche Bogenn is the only pipe company in the world to manufacture monolith pipes of 2km with pressure values ranging from 0.5 Bar to 200 Bar. Mir Holding employs more than 50 R&D engineers with doctorate degree, 25 professors, and 150 researchers in total only in the field of Research & Development. The company is in a leading position with regard to the number of patents turned into production.

- The company has more than 100 patents, 70% of which was turned into production.

- The company has Turkey’s largest private research laboratory.

- The company successfully undertook a project with the largest budget in defence industry (10.2 million USD) (a material which is ten times stronger, and five times lighter than steel). After America and Canada, we are the third company to own this technology worldwide.

- The company successfully completed the European Union's largest budget (49 million Euros) R&D project (smart and green city) and turned it into an industry.

- The GREENHOUSE TOWN project with an investment of 2 billion USD is progressing rapidly in Eskişehir.  

We achieved this success with the support of all our stakeholders. I express my deep thanks to them.

İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları

Mir Holding and Deutsche Bogenn Chairman of the Executive Board