Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are used for the transportation of hot and cold liquids. It provides excellent solutions for sanitary systems and heating-cooling installations thanks to its oxygen barrier, which complies with the applicable standards, smooth inner surface, high chemical resistance and conformity with hygiene criteria. 


Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are manufactured in different types. Layer specifications for single layer, 3 layer and 5 layer pipes are given below.
Single layer PE-RT Pipes are made of PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) raw material. 
3 layer Bogenn PE-RT Pipes consist of PE-RT / Adhesive / Oxygen Barrier (EVOH) layers from inside to the outside.
5 layer Bogenn PE-RT Pipes consist of PE-RT / Adhesive / Oxygen Barrier (EVOH) / Adhesive / PE-RT layers.
The production of Bogenn PE-RT Pipes is based on the following standards. 
DIN EN ISO 22391 Plastic Piping Systems – Polyethylene with Increased Temperature Resistance(PE-RT)
Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are produced within Ø16 – 32 mm range with the specifications given below. Pipe can be tube coil types, and the tube oil lengths are determined according to specific requests of the customers.  Smallest wall thicknesses according to the diameters manufactured are described below.
Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are produced in transparent, turquoise and red colours.
Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are used for the transportation of cold and hot liquids within buildings. Pipes can be used in drinking water installations thanks to their conformity with hygiene criteria, and also heating-cooling systems thanks to their oxygen barrier. They can be used in indoor applications, radiator heating systems, surface heating-cooling systems, sanitary installation applications, bath-sauna heating systems, etc. 
In accordance with DIN EN ISO 22391 standard, Bogenn PE-RT Pipes can be used under the following application classes and design pressures.
Terms of use for Class-1, Class-2, Class-3, Class-4 and Class-5 pipes are given below
Bogenn PE-RT Pipes must be installed with fittings, which are suitable for mechanical connection. 
Criteria and applicable national legislations must be complied with in the transportation, storage and installation of Bogenn PE-RT Pipes.
- Any application that might cause mechanical damage (crushing, scratching, impact) during the transportation, storage and installation of PE-RT Pipes.
- Bogenn PE-RT Pipes are not resistant to UV (ultraviolet) rays. Necessary measures must be taken for long periods of storage and use of temporary warehouses. 
- Thermal expansions expected in the installation must be calculated and necessary measures must be taken accordingly. 
- Measures must be taken for preventing possible damages in the pipes as a result of excessively high pressures and cases in which the fluid in the installation freeze.
- After the installation procedures are completed, the piping systems must be subject to pressure test and results of the test must be recorded.
- Additional measures must be taken to prevent possible damages on the completed piping system as a result of other ongoing construction works.