Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes are used in underground and ground applications such as sewage and storm water drainage with their design that is in accordance with the standards, and their unique characteristics.

Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes are manufactured in special production lines, which have been developed with patented technologies. Pipe section consists of HDPE bottom layer, which forms the pipe form, and rectangular section HDPE profiles, which increase ring rigidity. Due to the production method and standard requirements, the process is carried out by winding the substrate and rectangular profile spirally. 
The production of Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes is based on the following standards. 
DIN 16961-1/2 Thermoplastic Pipes – Outer Surfaces Profiled, Inner Surfaces Smooth
DIN EN 13476 PE Plastic Pipe Systems – Non-pressurized, Underground, Drainage and Waste Water
TS 12312 Spiral Wound Thermoplastic Pipes
ATV – DVWK –A 127E Sewers and Drainage Systems - Static Calculations
CEN/TR 1046 Thermoplastic Pipes and Sewerage Systems
DIN EN 1610 Sewers and Drainage Systems
DIN 16947 Thermoplastic Based Pipes and Fittings
ASTM F667 General Specifications of Large Diameter PE Corrugated pipes
ASTM F894 PE General Characteristics of Large Diameter Waste Water and Drainage Pipes
Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes are manufactured within Ø600 – 3600 mm range and with SR2 – 128 kN/m2 ring rigidity. Production diameters are specified below. 
According to DIN 16961 standards, 7 different class rigidity classes are defined for HDPE Spiral Pipes. These ring rigidity values are specified below, and our company has the production technologies capable of manufacturing products in any ring rigidity according to the specific needs of our customers.
For Ring Rigidity calculation;
SR24 = ESR. I / R3
Formulation is used. Here;
ESR: 24 Hours E Module, N/mm2
R: Neutral Axis Radius, mm
I: Geometrical Moment of Inertia, mm4/mm. 
Pipe lengths are determined according to customer requests and shipping procedures. We are capable of producing longer pipes (e.g. 20, 30, 40, 50 m) thanks to our “Mobile Production Technology".
Our company has on-site production technology for HDPE Spiral Pipes. Production line is carried to the project area for on-site production especially in projects, pipe shipping costs of which have a significant share in the cost items. In this way, shipping costs are avoided and the effort spent to connection application is also reduced. 
Outer surface of Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes is produced in black colour. Inner surface is black, yellow, blue or in different colours according to specific customer requests.
HDPE Spiral Pipes are used in gravity line applications such as sewer systems, storm water, waste water. 
- Lower costs
- High production speed
- Ease of connection
- Fully reliable source
- The capability to manufacture ribbed pipes in any sizes
- On-site production possibility according to the scope of the project.
- Capability to product pipes in very large diameters 
- Flexible production capability in required SR
- Conformity with the standards
HDPE Spiral Pipes are installed through elastomeric seal or electro-fusion welding connection method.
Criteria and applicable national legislations specified below must be complied with in the transportation, storage and installation of Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes.
- Customers must comply with the technical directives of our company and relevant instructions during the transportation, storage and installation of Bogenn HDPE Spiral Pipes. 
- Directives of our company and applicable standards must be taken into account for the implementation of the method preferred for the connection of the pipes. 
- In underground applications, the pipes must be embedded in accordance with the relevant directives and applicable standards.
After the installation procedures are completed, the piping systems must be subject to pressure test and results of the test must be recorded