Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes provide reliable infrastructures to the users thanks to their design that is in accordance with the standards.

Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are produced with extrusion process in specially designed production lines. Outer surface of the pipe is smooth. Inner surface of the pipe may be grooved or smooth. Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) raw material or polypropylene (PP) raw material. 
The production of Bogenn Microduct Pipes is based on the following standards. 
DIN 16874 HDPE Pipes – Embedded Telecommunications 
DIN 16876 HDPE Pipes – Cable Casing Pipes
DIN 16878 PP Pipes – Cable Protection Pipes
DIN 8074/75 Polyethylene Pipes
DIN EN 12201 Polyethylene Plastic Pipe Systems
Specifications of HDPE material, which is used in the production of cable protection pipes, is given below. Our company manufactures products by using only raw materials, which are in accordance with the standards. 
Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are produced within the range of Ø32 and Ø200 mm as single or double, triple and quadruple. 
Production diameters and weights for Single Cable Protection Pipes are given below.
Production diameters and weights for Multiple Cable Protection Pipes are given below.
Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are manufactured in black and coloured with stripes. Stripe colours are given below. Strip colour is red, and can be adjusted according to customer requests. 
Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes achieving transmission continuity and ease of modification by providing underground service in pipe distribution systems. 
Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are delivered wound in tube coils or drums or as length pipes according to customer requests and technical requirements. Pipe lengths vary according to shipping method and pipe diameter, and special requests of the customers are taken into account.
Elastomeric seal fittings or other suitable methods (butt-welding, electro-fusion weld, mechanical connection) can be used for the connection of Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes. 
Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes are subject to an extensive quality control process from the acceptance of the raw material, until the shipment of final product. Controls and tests applied on the pipes are summarized below.
- Appearance, surface, colour and marking checks
- Geometrical controls
- Melting flow rate (MFI), DIN EN ISO 1133 – 1
- Change in Length, DIN EN ISO 2505
- External impact resistance, DIN 16876
- Hydrostatic pressure test (170 h – 80 °C), DIN 16874
- Hydrostatic pressure test (2 h – 35 °C), DIN 16876
Criteria and applicable national legislations must be complied with in the transportation, storage and installation of Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes.
- Bogenn Cable Protection Pipes must be protected against all kinds of external factors that might cut, piece, crush etc. the products that cause damage during transportation, storage and installation. Pipes must not be carried by dragging.
- Fittings used in the connection of the pipes must be in accordance with the applicable standards and legislations.
- Completed installations must be tested in accordance with the applicable legislations and standards, and results of the tests must be recorded. 
- In underground applications, relevant standards and applications must be taken into account.
- Additional measures must be taken to prevent possible damages on the completed piping system as a result of other ongoing construction works.