Our company has unique solutions for Hydroelectric Power Plant applications. Thanks to the technologies developed by our company, all kinds of water transfer problems of Hydroelectric Power Plant projects are solved with optimum cost savings and top quality systems. Our patent protected technologies have been applied and proved their performance in many reference projects.


In Hydroelectric Power Plant projects, one of the most important criteria affecting the efficiency of the plant is transferring the potential water to the power plant area (collection pool) without losses. Less flow rate resulting from the natural conditions and external interventions decreases the efficiency of the power plant. The most basic solution implemented for eliminating such affects and transferring the water to the plant without loss is to move the collection lines from the open channel flow to the inside of the pipe.
Thanks to the advantages of technological solutions, we developed, our company made it possible to construct the water collection lines with a pipe. The most important features of this technology are:
- Mobile production (production of pipes at the site, in the power plant)
-  Production infrastructure for projects requiring larger diameters (production infrastructure for up to 3.6 meter diameters and production technology capable of production in lengths up to 8 meter)
- Capability to produce long pipes (up to 50 meter).
- F Our company carried out many reference projects for hydroelectric power plants, where water collection line is included in the pipe to increase the output power of the plant.  
Differential pressure lines, which are located between the collecting pond and the electric generator, are subject to high pressure in hydroelectric power plants. These lines are generally designed with metal pipes. Other common disadvantages of metal pipes, particularly corrosion, increase the maintenance costs. 
Our company has developed RTP pipes, which are suitable for high pressure transportation. While the pressure resistance of known plastic pipes is maximum 32 bar, RTP pipes show resistance up to 200 Bar. In addition to their high pressure resistance, RTP pipes also eliminate the maintenance costs related to corrosion thanks to its corrosion resistance.