HDPE tanks are produced within the diameter range of Ø900 mm - Ø3600 mm and in volumes varying between 1 – 50 m3.  Thanks to the high chemical resistance of polyethylene, it can be used for the storage of substances with a corrosive structure such as acid, alkaline and salt. It can also be used for the storage of foods thanks to its conformity with hygiene criteria.

Inlets or outlets can be added to any point of HDPE tanks with any method according to project requirements. It is possible to add ladders and platforms to the tank, which makes maintenance easier. Since the density of HDPE tanks is 8 times less than metal products, they are very light.
There are 3 important parameters for resistance to acidic and alkaline based chemicals. Temperature, pressure and whether the chemical is diluted or concentrated. Resistance performance is decided by comparing those values in the tables.
Our company produces HDPE tanks with capacities specified below. 
In addition to the above-mentioned capacities, we also take the special requests of our customers into consideration. 
- High chemical resistance. Corrosion resistant.
- It does not react with metals since it is neutral.
- Since the molecule does not break from the molecular chains, its abrasion resistance is very high.
- It does not contain heavy metals. It is suitable for the storage of liquid foods.
- Guarantee life of the products against external factors is 50 years, and they can be used for 100 years.
- Since its density is very low compared to concrete and casting, the need for construction equipment is minimized.
- Availability of all kind of connection components, makes it possible to manufacture specific products for specific projects.
- It absorbs the earthquake shocks against damage.
- They can be put inside one another for transportation.
Service life is determined according to the temperature, pressure of the stored chemical, and whether it is in diluted or concentrated form. It has a service life of 50 years for materials, which are not chemically corrosive.